Railroad Engineering and Design

When it comes to engineering and design services, TRAC sees the big picture. By being accurate, expedient and professional, we have earned a reputation in the railroad industry for being experts at track design. Our familiarity with specifications, components, and design requirements allow for a more streamlined path from concept to completion.

    TRAC Engineering & Design Services Include:

  • Site survey and base plan mapping
  • Preliminary and final railroad alignment design plans
  • Design Plans
  • Project Submittal
  • Railroad alignment stake-out
  • “As-built” survey and plans

New Construction

TRAC’s years of experience combined with our state of the art tools and technology provide cost saving, quality, safe solutions for clients requiring new builds. Our knowledge base across several verticals and our in-house design skills consistently win approval from our large customer base.

Our unique production process keeps your job on budget and on schedule, no matter how complex the deployment. Several key areas must be properly managed and understood to provide the quality of service expected in our industry. We believe the following areas control the success of the deployment and relationship with our client:

  • Design Creation and Control
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Relationship with Class 1 Railroads
  • Forecast Planning
  • Materials Management
  • Project Management

Track Inspection, Repair & Maintenance

Many rail served industries are concerned with the safety of their tracks and turnouts. You know how costly and dangerous railcar or locomotive derailments can be. TRAC offers our customers scheduled comprehensive track inspection services that greatly reduce the chance of a derailment. Our experienced, FRA qualified inspectors are able to identify broken or ineffective track materials, gauge problems, and deviations in horizontal and vertical alignment. We have developed a simple yet thorough track inspection report, which allows our customers to understand the scope and severity of any defects.

We are invested in using the latest proprietary technology to help and qualify the inspection process. Our systems uniquely provide the asset management tracking capabilities, including state of the art testing without all of the expense from other inspection or construction companies.

  • TRAC knows the importance of prioritizing repairs to save you money while still maintaining a safe track system.
  • Our field personnel are skilled and detail oriented.
  • Our state of the art on-track machines save money via reduced mobilizations and less manpower required.
  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency repairs.
  • We consider the safety of your rail systems our personal charge.

With TRAC as you full service provider for inspections, scheduled switch maintenance, and track repair, you can operate with confidence.

Terminal Services

Our terminal services include the ownership of Landisville Railroad, and operations at Sayre, Carbondale, Columbia, Claremont, and West Lebanon transloading facilities. TRAC handles a wide range of commodities including lumber, frac sand, agricultural commodities, steel, rock salt, cement, scrap materials, and more. We are strategically placed at all sites in order to take advantage of the geographical requirements and needs of our customers.  Operating these transloading facilities provides TRAC with a first-hand experience in the importance of maintaining a yard’s efficiency and safety.

Design, Construction, and Project Management

Our services are unique in our industry because we combine our 100 plus years of experience in both railroad design and railroad construction to close the circle of project development through execution. Upon completion and acceptance of the design, we work aggressively on behalf of our clients to secure the best pricing and availability of material and construction services in the market to complete your project.

Providing a step-by-step visual project plan allows our clients to monitor our progress and performance during the deployment. We also offer continued services post-construction completion as a form of ongoing maintenance called “TRAC Assurance” – a unique proprietarily designed program to help track owners maintain the required FRA track standards while staying within budgetary constraints.

TRAC’s railroad feasibility studies include a thorough investigation of the relationship between the requirements of the project scope and the prospective site. Working with the serving railroad and the client, TRAC will determine the feasibility of the project. Approximate budgets can be established to give the client an approximate cost to complete the project. These in depth studies offer the client a tremendous advantage by ruling out costly and complicated approaches to the project. TRAC focuses on the best possible option in terms of economics and long-term operational efficiencies.